Meet The

Versa Brothers

We are a creative duo of American TV Showrunners and Film Directors.

We tell stories that speak to timeless ideals, relationships, and resilience in the face of hard questions, mysteries, and trying times.

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Andrew & Kenneth are Amazing skilled and focused artists. They have demonstrated the passion and understanding of story telling win each of their projects. I am very excited to present them to future clients for exceptional results. Do yourselves the delight and satisfaction of working Mr. Kenneth Stevenson & Andrew Bennett.

~ Lew Temple

The Walking Dead, Halloween, Kidnap, The Endless

I met these two at the Midwest Independent Film Festival a short few years ago and a few months later I found myself out at his office for a general audition. We became friends at that time. After our meeting he said that he’d call me when an opportunity to work together presented itself. Under a year later we were working on a t.v. pilot. I must say, I produced some of my best work to date working with Kenneth on the pilot. He set up conditions for my character to be a recluse in the woods. This environment along with the mental and physical challenges allowed me to be in a state of moment to moment creativity which all read well on camera.

~ Harold Dennis


Kenny and Andrew and the Versa gang rock!

~ Jim Dougherty

Carol, House of Cards, Ozark


Andrew Bennett

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Kenneth Stevenson